CDLTCalibration Class Reference

#include <DLTCalibration.h>


struct  PairElement

Public Types

enum  DistortionType { eNoDistortion, eRadialDistortion, eRadialAndTangentialDistortion }

Public Member Functions

 CDLTCalibration ()
 ~CDLTCalibration ()
float Calibrate (const PairElement *pPairElements, int nPairElements, CCalibration &resultCalibration, DistortionType eCalculateDistortionParameters=eNoDistortion, int nIterations=1000)
void GetImageCoordinatesDLT (const Vec3d &worldPoint, Vec2d &imagePoint)
float CheckCalibration (const CCalibration &calibration)

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CDLTCalibration::CDLTCalibration ( )

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CDLTCalibration::~CDLTCalibration ( )

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Member Function Documentation

float CDLTCalibration::Calibrate ( const PairElement pPairElements,
int  nPairElements,
CCalibration resultCalibration,
DistortionType  eCalculateDistortionParameters = eNoDistortion,
int  nIterations = 1000 

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float CDLTCalibration::CheckCalibration ( const CCalibration calibration)

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void CDLTCalibration::GetImageCoordinatesDLT ( const Vec3d worldPoint,
Vec2d imagePoint 

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