Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
oNContourHelperCollection of functions for contour processing
oNCornerSubpixelSubpixel refinement of corner points
oNImageAccessCVLoading of images using HighGUI from OpenCV
oNImageProcessorCentral namespace offering various image processing routines and functions
oNIplImageAdaptorConversion between CByteImage (IVT) and IplImage (OpenCV)
oNLinearAlgebraMathematic functions operating on the data types CFloatMatrix, CFloatVector, CDoubleMatrix, and CDoubleVector
oNLinearAlgebraCVObsolete (encapsulated OpenCV calls). Use LinearAlgebra instead
oNMath2dEfficient mathematic functions operating on the data types Vec2d and Mat2d
oNMath3dEfficient mathematic functions operating on the data types Vec3d, Mat3d, Transformation3d, and Quaternion
oNNormalizerNormalization of 1D data
oNPOSITImplementation of the (POSIT) algorithm
oNPrimitivesDrawerFunctions for drawing 2D primitives into images
oNPrimitivesDrawerCVFunctions for drawing 2D primitives into a CByteImage using OpenCV
oNRANSACImplementation of the RANSAC algorithm for specific applications/models
oNStereoCalibrationCVComputation of the rectification parameters for a given instance of CStereoCalibration
\NThreadingNamespace offering helpers and types useful for multithreading