ExtrinsicParameterCalculatorCV Namespace Reference


bool GetPointsAndTranslationAndRotation (const CCalibration *pCalibration, const CByteImage *pImage, int nColumns, int nRows, float fSquareSize, Vec2d *pPoints, Mat3d &rotation, Vec3d &translation)
void DrawExtrinsic (CByteImage *pResultImage, const CCalibration *pCalibration, const Vec2d *pPoints, int nPoints, float fSquareSize)

Function Documentation

void ExtrinsicParameterCalculatorCV::DrawExtrinsic ( CByteImage pResultImage,
const CCalibration pCalibration,
const Vec2d pPoints,
int  nPoints,
float  fSquareSize 

Definition at line 170 of file ExtrinsicParameterCalculatorCV.cpp.

bool ExtrinsicParameterCalculatorCV::GetPointsAndTranslationAndRotation ( const CCalibration pCalibration,
const CByteImage pImage,
int  nColumns,
int  nRows,
float  fSquareSize,
Vec2d pPoints,
Mat3d rotation,
Vec3d translation 

Definition at line 68 of file ExtrinsicParameterCalculatorCV.cpp.