POSIT Namespace Reference

Implementation of the (POSIT) algorithm. More...


bool POSIT (const Vec3d *pPoints3D, const Vec2d *pPoints2D, int nPoints, Mat3d &R, Vec3d &t, const CCalibration *pCalibration, int nIterations=20)

Detailed Description

Implementation of the (POSIT) algorithm.

The ICP algorithm has been first published in (D.F. DeMenthon and L.S. Davis, "Model-Based Object Pose in 25 Lines of Code", 1992).

This algorithm fails in the case of planar points sets (objects). Use CObjectPose for planar point sets.

Function Documentation

bool POSIT::POSIT ( const Vec3d pPoints3D,
const Vec2d pPoints2D,
int  nPoints,
Mat3d R,
Vec3d t,
const CCalibration pCalibration,
int  nIterations = 20 

Definition at line 74 of file POSIT.cpp.